Est. 1994

Serving the metro Atlanta community for over 25 years, Ming’s BBQ has become a beloved favorite among the asian community and foodies alike.

Our mission is to create a no-frills dining experience for those wanting to seek out authentic cantonese roast meats and cuisine. We specialize in traditional cantonese BBQ techniques and seasoning passed down for three generations.

鑊氣 : Wok Hei

Referred to “taste of the wok” or a “harmony of taste”, etc.: “I think of wok hay as the breath of a wok—when a wok breathes energy into a stir-fry, giving foods a unique concentrated flavor and aroma.”

燒味 : Siu Mei

Enjoy our daily selection of cantonese 燒味 ‘siu mei’ roast meats.

Fresh daily an hot out of the oven every morning.

燒肉 : Siu Yuk Roast Pork

叉燒 : Char Siu Honey BBQ Marinated Pork

燒鴨 : Crispy Roast Duck

豉油雞 : Soy Sauce Marinated Chicken

Noodle Soups

Succulent roast meats on noodle soups are some of the best ways to enjoy our BBQ. Offering different types of noodles as a base and your selection of our BBQ roasts.

Wok noodles & more…

Discover customer favorites like our beef chow fun. A blend of springy chow fun noodles wok fried with beef and a healthy dose of soy sauce & green scallions.